MAPSCorps Chicago

Beginning in August 2009, the MAPSCorps team has collected information in several South Side communities. Every summer the team has expanded into more communities, as well as revisited the communities already on the map in order to update its information. After the 2015 round of summer mapping, MAPSCorps had collected data on the assets in 36 South Side communities covering 110mi2.

MAPSCorps Replication

In June 2015, the MAPSCorps model was deployed in New York City in partnership with Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center. Approximately 20 college-aged field coordinators and 79 high school student mappers participated in the program. Over the course of the six-week program, MAPSCorps students conducted a complete asset census of all public-facing businesses and organizations in four East Harlem ZIP codes and five Bronx ZIP codes. 

Asset data for New York City ZIP codes is available here.

For More Information

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