The South Side Health & Vitality Studies (SSHVS, or "the Studies") involve a large group of health researchers from the University in partnership with community members. Together, we are working to generate knowledge and study the impact of interventions in order to create and maintain good health on the South Side of Chicago. Through this collaboration, we seek to design and conduct studies that result in benefits that are meaningful to researchers and community members.

A flagship project of SSHVS is MAPSCorps. MAPSCorps pairs high school youth with science-oriented University students.  Working in teams, MAPSCorps participants walk every block of our communities, observing, collecting, cataloguing, and analyzing data about all public-facing businesses and organizations. Through hands-on, real-world experiences youth learn to practice integrity in interpersonal relationships, in the workplace, and in science. You can learn more about MAPSCorps in this video.

Community organizations, students, and urban planners are using the MAPSCorps database as a tool for planning programs and identifying assets and needs in these 24 communities. Using this website, you can create maps from the data to see where all the resources are in these communities. This project has been carried out to advance knowledge about communities on the South Side of Chicago. We think this information will be useful for individuals looking for services, researchers studying how community resources relate to health and vitality of communities, and community-based organizations seeking to identify areas of need.

MAPSCorps data is the engine that drives HealtheRx, your connection to resources that you need to improve your health, manage disease, and live independently. HealtheRx is a list of places and services near you that are matched to your health and wellness needs. HealtheRx strengthens communities by helping people find and use local services and programs for their health and wellness needs.

We welcome you to our website, created to inform our community and research partners about the Studies' progress and early successes.


Stacy Lindau.jpg

Stacy Tessler Lindau, MD, MAPP
Associate Professor, Obstetrics/Gynecology and Medicine-Geriatrics
Director of the South Side Health & Vitality Studies


Daniel Johnson, MD
Associate Professor, Pediatrics
MAPSCorps Co-Lead, HealtheRx Director of Clinical Partners

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Doriane Miller, MD
Associate Professor, Medicine
HealtheRx Director of Workforce Development & Continuous Quality Improvement